Huang Jia – Taipei

Around the corner behind the Sheraton Grande in Taipei is a Beef Noodle Shop.  I like this one because it’s close and it’s around the corner in case you get in late, you want to not go far, etc.  I had not even realized it was there in the many times I have stayed at the Sheraton.

img_9731A long counter inside where they make all the food. img_9728This time they recommended the brisket to us, so we gave it a shot.  Well flavored. img_9729But the attraction are the Beef Noodles.  I went with the Beef, Trip and Tendon Noodles, the special one.  Soup is deep, a little salty, but the taste is right there.   img_9730Noodles are your standard Beef Noodles Noodle, so it’s quite nice.  The Tripe really does it for me.  As a fan of the Beef Tripe/Tendon Soup in Hong Kong, this is a winner for me.


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