Fu Chun Xiao Long – Shanghai

Old school Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai.  You can take Din Tai Fung and have your modern takes and it’s really good, but what about old school style?  How about Fu Chun Xiao Long near the Hong Qiao area.


img_9868A quick look at their menu.  You order to sit down and eat real quick or takeaway.  But if you go upstairs, you can sit and order.  There’s not a lot of seats, but you can get what you want. img_9877 Here is their specialty, the Pork Xiao Long Bao.  The skin is a little thicker than some like, I prefer a little thinner skin, but the meat and soup inside is so tasty.img_9869The crab meat version.  Also awesome. img_9870 Then they have other traditional fare, such as the Fried Pork Chop.img_9871 Dou Miao with Chicken, Ham and Century Egg.img_9872Fried River Fish with Salt, Chili and Pepper.  Awesome. img_9873The traditional Shanghai Fried Rice Cake. img_9874 And finally the Glutinous Rice Dumpling.  Not my favorite, but worth a try.img_9875Old school here.  You need to speak Chinese to get what you want.  Pointing sometimes can work here, but, you need your language skills here.


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