Fengchia Night Market – Taichung

We heard that Fengchia Night Market was the largest in Taiwan, so when in Taichung, we had to check it out!

img_0011We couldn’t help ourselves.  There’s an advantage to being the first stall at the opening of the street to the market, people stop and buy.  Like we did.  Here are mini-crabs fried up. img_0012Add some seaweed salt flavoring and you’re ready to go. img_0013 The next stall we stopped at too!  Seared Beef!img_0016Getting the torch out img_0019And there you have it img_0020Grilled Squid? img_0021How about grilled Sea Snail and Abalone? img_0022It actually looked better than it tasted, not enough seasoning img_0025How about a deboned Chicken Thigh, wrapped in it’s own skin?  Why yes please, thank you. img_0026On a stick no less! img_0027 How about one of my favorites?  Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang 大腸包小腸? Or the Taiwanese Sausage wrapped inside a Rice Sausage?img_0028Here they add extra ingredients like cucumbers and radish.  An interesting take. img_0030Fried Squid! img_0032We ate so fast I forgot the pictures of Bubble Tea, Fried Pork, Oyster Mee Sua, Chicken Pie, Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Balls and Egg Waffles.

We wondered why they called this the biggest market in Taiwan.  Until we realized that we didn’t even cover 50% of it, that we had no idea there was another section!  Another time!


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