Porkchop & Co – Ballard, Seattle

Brunch, the time honored tradition in Seattle.  Thus, I found myself at Porkchop & Co in Ballard looking for that lovely combination of eggs and savory stuff that makes brunch so good.

img_0649Old buildings turned into places of food.  Love it. img_0652 There are some of the brunch specials up on the board.img_0653 img_0651Here is the menu for your perusal. img_0650The Porchetta Benedict looks pretty good.  But in the end, the Porkchop Deluxe wins.  The place is called Porkchop & Co., so of course I needed a Pork Chop to see what it was all about.

And I wasn’t disappointed.  The Pork Chop is under the eggs, but it was tender, seasoned to perfection, fatty enough and just awesome.  The biscuit was pretty good too, dunked in butter and the gravy.img_0654There is also Kale underneath so you feel healthy.

This is a great place for a good brunch.  Pork Chop me!


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