Restauracja Pod Wawelem – Krakow, Poland

My first night in Krakow and I wanted authentic Polish food.  My Polish colleague said that Restauracja Pod Wawelem was the real deal, so off we went for a great time!

The little truck out front is an eye-catcher that’s for sure! It’s obviously a beer place…

Long tables and lots of people.  Yup, it’s a beer hall with food!You can see their open kitchen. We open with some starters that are given to the table – pickles and sauerkraut with bread. Started off with some soup.  This is Zurek, which is the traditional Polish Sour Soup, made with sausage and a hard boiled egg inside.  It is a little sour, but it’s pretty tasty. Then it was Pierogie time.  My host got us a variety of them.  He obviously thinks we eat more than we can…

This is Meat-Filled ones.  The Meat is a little mushy inside, can’t say I really enjoyed this one.This is stuffed with Potato and Cheese.  This is the traditional one that I have had a lot of times and know and love.  This was awesome. This one is Mushroom and Cabbage, or Sauerkraut actually.  This one had a nice little taste that I also loved.Main course time.  This is what one of my colleagues had – Potato Pancake with a Mushroom Cream Sauce and Meat inside.  One Heart Attack please.  Not for me. This is more me.  Roast Duck Polish style.  It’s nice and tender.  Definitely not HK style, but different and still tender as anything.  Yum. Good Polish fare in a great ambience.  I like this place!


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