8 Korean BBQ – Shaw Centre

A day at the spa followed by a Korean BBQ?  Yes, please.  Inside Shaw Centre is 8 Korean BBQ and we showed up at 2pm after our spa session.

It’s an industrial looking space, which is nice and unique.  You expect down and dirty food.

The menu is not too large, but it’s good enough.  They specialize in Grilled Pork Belly, but also have beef, chicken, etc as well as other items like Seafood Pancake and Bibimbap.

But we’re here to have BBQ.  And since they specialize in Pork, we went for Pork Belly.

We start off looking at the Banchan.  Not a lot, but what they have is quite nice.  I don’t really like Daikon, but the pink pickled Daikon is outstanding! When you order the BBQ Pork, it comes with a choice of Stew.  We chose Seafood Tofu with a little topup.  That is because I love Sundubu.

They are known for their BBQ Pork Belly, and they offer a selection of 8 different types.  Thus the name of the place.

But for 2 people, 8 strips of pork belly are way too much and they also realize this.  Thus they offer 4 strips as an option (or you can also get it a la carte, but why bother?)

Here we went with the four strongest flavors – Herb, Miso, Gojuchang and Kalbi. They put the kimchi and bean sprouts on the grill, which we did not expect.  It makes it a little more interesting. The Sundubu was nice and not too spicy, but you controlled how long to cook it. They will cook and cut it for you, so no need to get yourself dirty here. Yum, yum, yum!  What a great taste.  Different tastes, wrapped in leaf, it was good!



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