HeyTea – Shenzhen

Hey Tea is a franchise that sells Tea in China.  They have recently popped up and there seems to be lines as long as 2 hours in Shanghai for them.

We saw it in Shenzhen and decided to try.

This place is busy.  The wait to order is about 20 minutes. The newest fad in a menu.  Wooden planks, you see it everywhere. Look at the people waiting! We choped a seat while waiting. Let’s look at the menu.  There are special teas on the left (more on that later), Fruit Teas, Milk Teas, Just Tea, etc. We place our orders and the crew is working hard!  Look at all the cups lined up to be filled! So what did I order? I went with one of their specialties – Pineapple Tea.  It’s more of a Pineapple Freeze than anything else.  It’s not bad, good for a nice hot day.And I always like to try one of my favorites as well – Passion Fruit Black Tea.  Very good, but it doesn’t stand out. But what they really specialize in is Cheese Tea.  Yup.  What it is is tea then a layer of Cheese Foam is put on top.  The instructions say to take a big gulp so you get the foam and tea together.

I took a gulp.  And I was not impressed.  It’s Cream Cheese Foam on Tea.  Not a taste that I can say is my favorite.Worth a try.  Oh yes, while it took 20 minutes to order, it took another 20 minutes for our drinks to be ready.

So 40 minutes in total.  Worth it?  To try once – ok.  In Shanghai the wait is 2 hours!


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