Quan Dat – Ho Chi Minh

I went for a traditional Vietnamese meal with my agent at this place that is quite local.  The owner used to live in the US for a long time and came back to HCM to open up this place.

Outside they have these things to cook up items. What is it for? For these little items.  Rice Flour, Eggs cooked up with Prawn, Squid, Pork.  Sort of like a souffle.  Crispy Croutons on top.  But you don’t eat them plain.  You wrap them in greens as is the case in Viet cuisine. Greens.  Take the Souffle, put it in the leaf, add more veggies and wrap it up.  But, it’s not done yet!Make your own sauce from the below.  To your taste!  Then dip your rolled item in and eat.  Yum! You can also wrap these lovely BBQ Baby Squid. Next is sliced raw river fish with greens.  Wrap these in greens, or in Rice Paper Rolls! Finish it off with Noodles, Fish slices and Real Fish Cakes. A nice light pleasant meal.


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