Raices – San Juan, Puerto Rico

We were visiting San Juan, and thankfully it looks like the city and island are recovering from the devastating hurricane that went through.  The people are in great spirits and the food is on point as it always is.

We went to Viejo (Old) San Juan and on the way we asked our Uber Driver for a recommendation.  He mentioned Raices.  He said it has traditional Puerto Rican food and is a good value.  So off we went for a late lunch!

The inside is nice and rustic looking.  Very nice ambience.You need to have Pina Coladas when in San Juan.  And here we are!  With and without the Rum.  With the Rum it looks thinner, thus the one on the right has Rum.We all drink! One of the specialties is the Pork Chop  I figured it was a Pork Chop, like you usually get.  Instead you get this!

It has the entire Pork Belly attached to it! It was huge!  Crispy, tasty and just plain sinful!

Then the other Puerto Rican specialty is Mofongo.  It is mashed Plantains and Yucca and then folded with ingredients.  This version is Shrimp and Onions.

I found it a little dry and it needed gravy or a sauce.See the size of that Pork Chop!

Definitely head here for sure!


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