Ginza Tenkuni – Ginza, Tokyo

Ten Don is the craze in Singapore right now and in Tokyo they have been doing it for such a long time.  One of the most famous is right at one end of the main drag for Ginza – Ginza Tenkuni.

There are several floors of dining.  They have all types as well.  The menu for Ten Don, they also have the Tempura Bar where they make it fresh in an Omakase course.  I just felt like something quick, so I went for the first floor and the menu Ten Don.

Interesting sheet they give.  Since it’s on Ginza, I would expect they get a lot of foreigners. They have your normal type of Ten Don.  Prawns, with Fish and Veggie, Fish and Veggie, just Veggie, etc., but this caught my eye.  A Seafood Ten Don. So off I went for it.  It comes with pickles and a Miso with very, very, very tiny clams.  Take a look at the Ten Don.  Prawn, Crab Claw, Scallop, Anago and Veggies.  Looks gorgeous.  But that’s about it.  The fry was limp, soggy and generally not great.  The Crab Claw was overcooked and the taste, not quite there.  I was quite disappointed. A lot of places have sauce on their Ten Don, but the fry still remains crispy after pouring the sauce on there.  This was definitely not the case here.  The Tempura was hot, so it was just made – I don’t think it was sitting under a heat lamp.  It just didn’t taste good. I also wasn’t sure if I should go through the effort of taking the meat out of the shell on these clams.  I did a few and then decided that it just wasn’t worth it.  The soup was awesome though, deep and rich, with great clam and seafood taste to it.I think the Tempura Bar and the Omakase would have been nicer, but my view has been tainted by the sub-par Ten Don.  I think I will pass on this place and head to somewhere else for my next Ten Don or Tempura Omakase experience.


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