Sausalitos – Nuremberg

Can you trust Mexican food in Germany?  I am not so sure about that, but the team had dinner at a Mexican place.


It’s a nice place, al fresco dining, and comfortable.  You know me, I need to try Tacos in  order to see how legit the place it.

The menu has a variety, so I decided to go for the 5 Taco Sampler to try each one of them.


First we went with some Nachos.  Pretty standard Tex Mex/US style fare.


Now the Tacos.  Start with the Green one on top and work  your way clockwise.

Spinach with Onions and Garlic Dip – Not bad, a little soggy because of the spinach.

Verdura – Cheese and Carrots – Not a great taco.  Messy and underseasoned.  Poor vegetarians.

Cajun – Corn, Minced Beef, Onions and Cajun Hot Sauce – Not a bad one

Hongo – Cheese, Minced Beef, Onions, Mushrooms, Garlic Dip – Getting better!

Pulled – Pulled Beef, Chili Cheese Dip – This one was pretty tasty, I would go with this one and the Hongo


It was ok.  A decent representation.  I noticed a lot of others on the team got burgers though, as this menu was not fully Mexican, but had Burgers and other items.


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