Kyoto Hyoto – Kyoto

Shabu Shabu is quite underrated at times.  A nice Omakase course for Shabu Shabu is a thing of beauty.  Thus, we went to Hyoto to check it out.

Down a long hallway to goodness… This Shabu Shabu is individual, you do it your way.A starter here.  Tofu, Herring, Assorted Starters. Then some Sashimi. And our meats!  Waygu Beef and Kurobota Pork! And an important part of Shabu Shabu is vegetables. Start it off and Shabu away! Dipping Sauces Fresh Veggies to round it out. Roast Beef Sushi! And after all the meat and veggies, homemade Soba to end it all! Mochii dessertOmakase Shabu Shabu, it really is quite awesome!


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