The Trace Grill – Madison, MS

I am in Madison, MS visiting family and we decided to go to The Trace Grill for local comfort food.

The menu shows what the South has to offer. We went for Blue Plate Specials, 1 meat and 2 or 3 sides – much like Cai Png!

Catfish is a must try in Mississippi so we went with both Fried and Grilled. Sides of Onion Rings, Green Beans and Mac and Cheese. The other having Creamed Corn, Sweet Potato Fries. And all served with Cornbread. Not fond of the Green Beans, definitely from the can or cooked way too long.  The rest isn’t bad at all!

I wouldn’t have minded going back to try others, but with only so many days, you have to try a lot of different things!


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