Toraji – Ebisu, Tokyo

Yakiniku is really a great way to appreciate meat – beef in particular – on the open grill.  So of course, it’s always a pleasure to eat this when I hit Japan.

Toraji is a franchise of sorts with a bunch of outlets, today we chose the one in Ebisu.

This one has a bar area and tables.  We chose the bar area. Getting ready! First thing given is a dipping sauce.  A little like Ponzu, but different.  It’s quite good. What do I like when I go to Yakiniku?  Harami.

Harami is Skirt Steak, but cut the right way. Let’s go! Cut it up and let it finish! Next up is Galbi. You need fat for Yakiniku, or else it’s just not right. Yum! Let’s make it Surf and Turf.  Lobster Tail! Man, that looks good! We were still a little hungry, so we went for Filet. Honestly, not as good as the others.  Probably because of less fat. And it’s finished off with an ice cream!Harami.  That’s all I have to say.


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