Kian Seng Seafood – Ang Mo Kio

There’s a Tze Char in a coffee shop in an industrial area in Ang Mo Kio.  You can see it from the main road, but never thought I would give it a try until one day we decided to go there for a family meal.

It’s an outdoor coffee shop, so during the day there are many stalls, but at night, it’s about Kian Seng.

Menu is pretty extensive. The Salted Kampong Chicken Hokkien Mee Spinach with three eggs Cereal Prawn Meat – always remember to ask them to deshell the prawns!  It tastes better this way Tofu Prawn Omelette Dong Po Rou Seafood Hor FunNot bad for a family of 13 people (9 adults, 3 kids and 1 toddler)


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