Bella Napoli – Shanghai

Yes, I got dragged to eat Italian food in Shanghai!  OK, it gives me a chance to get my pizza fix.  This is supposed to be one of the best Italian Pizza and Pasta places in Shanghai.

It’s a nice and cosy place to be.  The owner is the head chef, you can see him there at the pass. They have a pizza oven here, and the pizza making station.  What you don’t see if the guy who is making the pizza.  More on him later. I of course had to go with the pizza.  Ham, Mushroom, Olives and Peppers.  The pizza is so lopsided in terms of topping placement.  That’s because the pizza maker was more interested in trying to show off and practicing spinning pizza dough by using a fake pizza dough.  He wasn’t quite into it…

The pizza though was not half bad.  The crust is good and it’s done ok.  It’s just soggy in the middle.  People leave the dough in the middle so thin, that it doesn’t hold the cheese, sauce and any toppings.  This is not the right way. A little pasta with Bacon and Sausage.  This was good.  Sauce a little spicy, quite a good dish.Work on the pizza!


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