Pizza Maru – Bugis+

Tried out “Korean-style” Pizza for the first time. Pizza Maru says it’s the style from Korea.  Complete with special grain dough and the way it’s eaten there.  Let’s see.

Here is the menu We started with the KFC.  The KFC of original and Honey Butter was interesting. The Honey Butter Korean craze on KFC is a little sweet for me.

Then there was a Pizza Sheet of Seafood.  One look at it and I decided it was not pizza and didn’t touch it.  Rose Shrimp Pasta was average.Then it was pizza time.

Histeak Chicago – Black Rice Dough, with plenty of cheese, beefsteak, pepperoni and bulgogi topped off with Powdered Sugar. Not exactly sure what to say about this pizza except it’s definitely not Chicago style and not sure that it’s pizza. And a side of strawberry jam to go with the pizza. Shaking my head on that one.

Not worth a return trip for me.


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