Thai Boat Noodles – Bugis

I honestly have never tried Boat Noodles, even in Thailand.  So when a friend suggested to go to Thai Boat Noodles at Bugis Junction, I thought it was a chance to try.The noodles are in small bowls and you can get a multiple amount of them.  They are only S$1.50 each bowl!Four kinds of noodles so of course I had to try them all! Being nice and small it was a nice chance to try all the flavors.

For me I liked the Ayutthaya and the Creamy Tom Yum, the second and third ones.The first is Pathumthani and the last one is Thai Kuey Chap.And of course if there is Fried Chicken Skin on the menu, we have to order it!

Fun and nice to try different flavors.


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