Beach Road Kitchen – South Beach

Buffets, buffets, buffets. In this age of Covid-19, the buffet world has changed quite a bit – for good and bad.
Good in that it is now a la carte usually. They bring you what you want and you don’t have to worry about others breathing on the buffet.
Bad in that you can’t see and choose what you want anymore.
Bad in that it is a little troublesome at times to keep calling staff over to order.
Good in that you don’t have to watch greedy people take the entire selection of something without consideration for others.
Ok, enough of that. The buffet at Beach Road Kitchen is renowned for good food, seafood, local favorites and a good value. That’s where we went to celebrate my wife’s birthday.
The a la carte buffet was pretty good!
We opened with some amuse bouches and a seafood platter (we ordered this a few times after too).
Some Caeser Salad
Lobster Laksa
Roast Chicken and Char Siew
Fish Maw Soup
Chili Crab Pizza
Seafood Linguine
Chili Crab
Steamed Fish
Wonton Noodles
Pulled Pork Slider
Smoked Halibut
Chicken Rice with Char Siew
Chili Dumpling
Cheese Platter
Green Tea and Yogurt Ice Creams
Fruit Cup and a variety of Desserts
Well worth it and Happy Birthday Wifey!!!

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