Downstairs – Suntec

You can easily walk by it and miss it. But don’t do it. Because Downstairs at the Fountain Area of Suntec is worth it.

A variety of classic dishes makes this a go to place for sure. The menu itself is in the style of a car park sign.

Kaya Toast with Eggs and Kopi C Kosong for me.

Wonton Mee was pretty tasty and the Char Siew is to die for.

Lu Rou Fan is smooth, not too fatty and the gravy blends so well together.

Har Cheong Gai Nasi Lemak is good, but does need a little work. A fries egg would have been better and the rice a bit more lemak.

The Chicken Chop Hor Fun is a winner. Chicken is crispy and tender while the hor fun has a good flavor and the gravy is smooth.

The Economical Noodles is typical hawker fare.

The Pork Cutlet Curry Rice needs more curry as the rice was a little dry and egg overcooked.

Despite some of the dishes that have a little bit of a miss in them, I would go back again and again.


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