Zam Zam – Kampung Glam

You have heard all about the Murtabak Wars and Zam Zam is one of the best. Zam Zam is right next to Victory and Al-Tasneem.  All offer basically the same menu and there are raging debates about which Murtabak and the other offerings are the best.  But they have all been around for a long time and there has been some controversy regarding the Wars.  Either way, we go to enjoy the food!

I thoroughly enjoy the awesome Mutton Murtabak. Crispy, filling and full of flavor. Murtabak is one of the main staples of what attracts people to Zam Zam.  It has been labeled as one of the best in Singapore.

My personal favorite in Bee Hoon Goreng is a great accompaniement.  I love the fiery taste of the Bee Hoon that goes along with the Murtabak.

We also tried the Fish Curry, which was not the greatest in terms of the Fish, but the Curry was excellent.

Teh Tarik, which is almost a requirement, finishes off this great meal. I thoroughly eating this all the time!


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