Mirai Burgers – Deliveroo

Mirai Burgers caught my eye during the no dine-in Phase 2HA. This is because it was a Japanese fusion type of burger place.

A little reminiscent of Katsu Burger in the US, I decided to try a few from Deliveroo.

The Shaun San was a regular burger with Waygu Shortrib, bacon, provolone,
cheddar, onions and special sauce. For me it was a little dry, I thought the meat would be a little juicier. The bun was warm and toasted, quite nice a light and not overwhelming.

The Yuzu Karaage Burger was a good piece of Fried Chicken with a nice amount of Slaw and Cheddar. The bun was the same and this one was a winning combination for me.

The Ultimate Fish Burger was also pretty awesome. The battered Hake with Caviar Tartar Sauce and Cheddar was light, crispy and a refreshing taste without being oily.

Interesting combinations and very good!


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