Yong He – Geylang

The wife and I had a nice breakfast date at Yong He. We heard the place had a nice reputation for Taiwanese breakfast items so we tried it out, not once, but twice!

You Tiao – a staple. Freshly made, it’s quite nice dipped in Soya Bean.

Scallion Pancake with Egg. A little greasy because the egg was added and fried, making it oily.

Sandwich bun with You Tiao. It was a bit dry, but I dipped it in my Soya Bean and it was great.

The Salted Soya Bean was not really tasty, it was too much.

The Carrot Cake was interesting. It has Carrot Cake on top of a You Tiao base and then an Omelette on top to cover it.

It was an interesting taste for sure. But this also needed more sauce.

Lu Rou Fan was pretty good though!
I would go again for sure and try the other items on the menu.


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