Proper Slice – Telok Ayer

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Lucali BYBG and loved the pizza and pasta. Therefore, I was thrilled to hear that Proper Slice would offer slices of its pizza in a unique location.

Over the course of two visits I tried a Cheese slice and a Pepperoni slice on the first visit and a Sausage and Peppers and a Cheese slice on the second visit.

The first visit, I was very disappointed. The Cheese slice seemed like it was not made with care or love. The taste was so-so to me. The Pepperoni was a bit better.

I thought the second visit would change my mind a bit with Sausage and Peppers and Cheese again. Not really.

Perhaps it was the time I went? I went right as it opened the first time around 11am, and around 3pm the second time. Maybe I have to hit it when it’s peak times and the pizza is still hot coming out of the oven.

I will give it another chance at some point.


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