Donburi King – PLQ

I love Sushi and Sashimi, but I have always been on the fence in regards to Donburi and Poke. I am not sure why, it just seems like it is all mixed together and you enjoy it almost the same way. But then again, I want to taste each of the types of fish and enjoy it.

So with some hesitation I went to Donburi King, which I had heard a lot about. They have very fresh ingredients and the pricing is pretty good.

So I went to try out their Mixed Seafood Don. Just a step below their Signature Kaisen Don (which features Oysters and Uni, among others).

The Don came and it was vey generous in the ingredients. Maguro, Hotate, Ebi, Salmon, Megajiki and Ikura.

It was indeed fresh as anything, and for me, I deconstructed it a little bit to eat separately. So basically, I almost ate it like Sushi.

I also tried out the Chutoro Sushi, and it was also sublime.

The damage was not bad and it was a really fresh tasting great meal.


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