Hong Kong BBQ House – Perth

Hong Kong BBQ House is located in the “Chinatown” district of Perth called Northbridge. While not really a full-fledged Chinatown, it does have quite a few Chinese restaurants and shops. Unfortunately it seems the pandemic has taken a toll on some of the stores, as well as construction.

Hong Kong BBQ House is still going strong and we popped in for dinner on our first night.

The selection of meats in the window made us order Soya Sauce Chicken and Roast Pork. The Chicken was nice and tender and the Pork was just melt in your mouth with crispy skin. Well done!

Real Sweet and Sour Pork is hard to find, I can’t find a real good version in Singapore, so I had to go to Perth to find a version that was perfect! Light batter, big pieces of pork and a great sauce.

Seafood Tofu Claypot – the seafood is so fresh and a great comforting taste.

The Spinach was also well done.

This is a definite on my list if I come back to Perth!


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