Crown Prince Kitchenette – Novena

Crown Prince Kitchenette is tucked away in United Square and a tad difficult to find.

The JB style Fried Bee Hoon, or Chao Ta Bee Hoon, is one of its signature dishes. It wasn’t bad, crispy and with flavor.

The Golden Fried Prawns with Popcorn was interesting. The prawn was nice.

There was a nice Chicken with sauce which was nice and fresh also.

The Honey Pork Ribs with Yam Cubes didn’t satisfy me. Too sweet and the Pork itself was all bone and hard to get meat from. They Yam was oily.

The Ginger and Scallion Fish was a little salty as well.

The Yu Sheng was quite nice though.

I would come back for the Bee Hoon.


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