To-Gather – Novena

To-Gather is an establishment that has several stalls co-located in a drinking place at Goldhill Plaza.

Kazoku Japanese is one of those what I found was decent Japanese bowls and rolls for a pretty good price.

Salmon Katsu Curry Don is something interesting. Not too oily and still juicy. The curry could have been more though and a little more flavorful.

The same with the Pork Katsu Curry.

The Chicken Katsu Don was not exactly Katsu Don as there was no egg sauce, just a nicely done Fried Chicken Thigh on rice.

The Salmon Teriyaki Bento was quite good as well.

Sushi Rolls were decent and reasonable priced for Spider Roll and California Roll and some Ikura.

A Salad was pretty run of the mill as well.

The Som Tum from Shuang Bao Thai Street Food was pretty standard Thai food and To-Gather has La La Bee Hoon which was pretty flavorful.

Then there is Mont Calzone and a pizza which was not bad.

More of a drinking place, but a quick meal is affordable.


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