Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar – Brentwood, TN

We always like to try local when we travel somewhere but sometimes when you land, you choose a chain. Tupelo Honey Cafe, known for southern cooking, is that chain that we chose for the first night, as it was late and we wanted to go close to the hotel in Brentwood when we arrived in Nashville.

We went for the House Special Fried Chicken as one of the choices. The chicken was crisp and juicy and the batter/seasonings reminded me so much of Shake N Bake. We chose some Mac and Cheese for the side. Interesting for sure.

The Braised Pork Shoulder in a Sriracha Glaze was interesting as well. Finished in the cast iron, it wound up being crispy on the outside. While a little moist on the inside, the sides of the meat were a little overdone. This was with Fried Brussels Sprouts, which were too fried, and Broccolini with a Garlic Aoili. Not quite sure how southern that is, but it was pretty good.

The Biscuits were also ordered and they were huge, fluffy and filling.

A decent start to our Nashville food journey.


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