Gudeg Yu Djum – Jogjakarta

When you go to Jogjakarta, people always tell you that you must have Nasi Gudeg, or Jackfruit Curry.  And furthermore they always tell you that you must go to the original branch of Gudeg Yu Djum.

While there was an outlet next to the Sheraton we didn’t realize that until the next day. But, going to the original stall near the Kraton, that was a great experience.

We arrived and looked at the menu.


We figured out that Telur was the Braised Egg, Paha Atas was Chicken Thigh, Dada was the wing.  So we went with Nasi Telur + Paha Atas, the Nasi Gudeg with Egg and Chicken Thigh.


The egg and chicken thigh are on the left, while the Gudeg is on the right.

It was very sweet, definitely not spicy as one would expect.  Very different tasting than any other thing that I have had.  I can’t say that I would like to have it every day, or even every week, but once in awhile, that’s ok.



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