Sekar Kedhaton – Jogjakarta

After a morning of exploring Borobodor Temple, it was time for lunch.  Our tour guide Ms. Lingga recommended this place near the temple.  We settled in for some Indonesian food in a more higher class setting.  It was outdoors, and quite nice.

IMG_0467 IMG_0468

Here’s Lena enjoying our lunch and our drinks 🙂


This was a concoction of lime juice, some passion fruit, etc.


Nice root chips to go with the meal.


Our first dish was a fish dish.  It was fish prepared in two styles, sweet and sour sauce and also black pepper sauce.  It was quite nicely done, fresh and well seasoned.  Gurameh Dua Rasa.


We also went with a chicken dish.  Roasted chicken with honey sauce and coconut.  A little dry, but very well seasoned and tasty.  Ayam Panggang Saus Madu.


An enjoyable meal, as we were so hungry after walking up and down Borobodor.  I am sure there were more local places, but it’s nice to sit and relax sometimes and enjoy a meal.  Afterwards we walked around a little, as they had a little courtyard set up with different places to eat, a little creek and water features as well.

IMG_3190 IMG_3191


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