Food Republic – Vivo City

Food Republic is everywhere in Singapore now, a lot of malls have these now as their food courts.  Some are better than others.  I find the Vivo City one pretty good.

Lena’s bff, Jo, was in town from Oakland for CNY, so we went to try a variety of foods since Jo misses Singapore food.

We decided to go here because we could get a variety and there was air conditioning.

Bak Kut Teh.  This stall has their own section of the food court, so it’s supposed to be good.  The rib was nice and tender and soup very peppery.  Quite nice!


Au Jin or Oyster Pancake.  A little greasy for sure.


Hokkien Mee.  A little too soupy for me, but the flavor ok.


Bak Chor Mee.  With dumplings, it was expensive at $7!  But the noodles were quite nice.  This is the non-chili version, as the noodles were for Kara, Jo’s daughter.  I added my own chili to my portion of the noodles 🙂


Satay.  The satay here is also quite nice.


Also recommended at this Food Republic is the Beef Noodles and then there is Nasi Kuning also.  The dim sum is also nice.  And then there is the Chong Pang Nasi Lemak, but I find that very expensive!


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