Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice – Bedok South

I was in the mood for Chicken Rice and I always see this chain of Chicken Rice stalls in hawker centres.  Bedok South also has one.  They moved from the Interchange to here once the Interchange closed and Bedok South got renovated.

Usually there’s a long queue here because the students from the JC across the street flock to this stall, as the prices are $2.50 and $3.50 for boneless chicken rice.


I thought that $2.50 would be too small for me, so I went for $3.50, and I always ask for breast meat.  Nice and smooth, very good.  I always use dark sauce on the rice with a dollop of the chili, I find it tastes the best.  Everyone does have their own method of how to eat Chicken Rice, this is mine.

I do prefer Tian Tian, but this is good for a hawker centre Chicken Rice fix!




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