Kim Choo – Nonya Cuisine

Lena’s BFF Jo was still in town and she wanted to have dinner at a nice Nonya place on East Coast Road, opposite of i12 Katong, called Kim Choo.

Apparently this has been around for a very long time, we have always seen it, just have never had anything at the restaurant.  Though we have bought snacks and such at the shop next door.



The menu was a little limited, and there were some good Nonya style dishes.  We stayed away from a lot of spicy things, as I might have wanted to try the curries.

Instead we went with some Nonya Dumplings to start.  The first was filled with pork belly, egg and other things.  Quite nice.



Then we went for the Nonya Dumpling, which was mince meat with Nonya spices.


On to the dishes.

Jo had two items on her list, Cereal Prawn and Ayam Buah Keluak, which is Chicken in a tangy tart sauce with the black nut.  You dig the nut out of the shell and eat it with the chicken and rice.

Not exactly my favorite.  I thought the nut was a little tough and bitter to me.  And the sauce was not exactly my style, I thought it was bitter and a little spicy.


The cereal prawn was nice.  The cereal was basically more eggs, but the flavor was quite nice.  The prawn was fresh.


I am a huge fan of Rendang, so of course we went for the Beef Rendang.  Beef was tender, the sauce quite lemak, and very very flavorful.


Then we wanted some veggie, so Seafood Tofu Claypot.

Nicely done and flavorful.


Will definitely come back to try some more dishes here for sure.

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