Nam Nam Noodle Bar – Wheelock Place

I was walking back to Ion to my car after a morning meeting at The American Club and thought that I should stop for some lunch.  I wanted something different because there’s a lot of expensive non-good food in the Orchard area.

Coming down the escalator in Wheelock Place headed to B2 of Ion, I saw this place called Nam Nam Noodle Bar.  It was Viet food, and it looked quite good and the price, not bad.



Menu was small, but simple.  Should be fast and easy to get your food.


It’s simple how it works, just get seated first, then mark the sheet with what you want, go pay for it, and then it gets served to you.



So I decided to go for the simple things.  A Pork Belly Banh Mi and the Beef Slice Pho.  The portions looked just right.

While you wait, you can watch them make your Pho in the open kitchen.  The Banh Mi is made in the front, by the cash register.


First thing that came was the Pho.  Here you don’t get the added condiments, it comes all inclusive.  They bank on the fact that the soup and ingredients as it is is the way you like it.

Man, oh man.  The soup was awesome.  Plain delicious and flavorful.  A hint of the lime, the lemongrass, the broth was simply superb.  Then the noodles were just nice and soft, not too hard, not too soft.  The beef slices were raw when placed in and cooked nicely.  You do have to spread them out when it first comes though or else it cooks in a clump.

I can drink this soup over and over.


Then came the Banh Mi.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach.  This was a lot of food.

This was carmelized pork belly with pork pate.  And then the usual condiments, the pickled daikon, coriander, cucumbers.  Yum, yum yum.  The bread was nice and crusty on the outside, soft on the inside.  I wish there was a little more inside of it, but still, the flavor was great.


A variety of sauces on the table for you to add to your meal.


Highly recommended.  I will definitely be back here again.  No doubt about it.


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