Red Star – Dim Sum

Since moving to Singapore I have tried to find great Dim Sum like I am used to in New York and Hong Kong.  I’ve tried the usual suspects, Crystal Jade, Tung Lok, Yum Cha, Imperial Treasure, etc. but none of them really gave me that feeling that I was looking for.

You know, that feeling when I was a kid and growing up.  There would be carts of bamboo steamers coming from the kitchen, lots of people talking, people scrambling for food and just a great atmosphere.

Lena told me that when she was a child, they used to go to Red Star all the time.  So we went.

I had finally found it.  Dim Sum like I know and love.

Located at Block 54 on Chin Swee Road on the seventh floor, near Chinatown, this place was what I had envisioned.


You walk in and there are tables everywhere and the bamboo steamers are out.




My kind of place, that’s for sure.

How about the food?  Yum, yum, yum.  Very Hong Kong style, it all tastes great and the selection is not bad.

Some stuff they keep on carts, some things you have to order though.  The best sellers like Har Gow, Char Siew Bao, Siu Mei, etc, those are on the carts, while other things must be ordered.

Here comes the food!

The Har Gow is just nice.  The skin not too thick, the prawn inside not too much.  This is good stuff.


Spring Rolls.  Love these.  A little juicy inside, but fresh from the fryer.  Once it comes out, you run to the cart and get it or else you lose out.


Fried Wonton.  This also just came out.  Not exactly a wonton, more like a fried prawn ball.


Fried Carrot Cake.  This is nice and delicate and great!


Chicken Feet!  A little spicier than normal places, but it’s still real good and soft.


Char Siew Bao.  Very nice when hot.  When cold, a little like a rock.  I’ve had better, but they’re still good.


Siew Mai.  Very nice.  Not too fatty, and good taste.


Egg Tarts.  Yes!  Warm, the egg portion nice and a little sweet, but like custard.  The crust, flaky and not too doughy.  A winner!


Century Egg Porridge.  Nice when hot.  But when cold, it’s not.  Full of bits and pieces, it was really nice.


Prawn Rice Rolls.  The flour was nice and thin.  Sometimes in Singapore the rice flour is too thick.  This one is thin and very nice.


Here is the beef one.  The meat like the meatballs they usually serve.  Very nice also.


The one non-dim sum item ordered was chicken rice.  it was steamed chicken with lop cheong on rice.  Very flavorful and nice.


Dim Sum is best with a group of people, so you can try more things.  If you want great dim sum in Singapore, Red Star is the place to go.


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