Ju Shin Jung East Coast – Korean BBQ

A treat from Lena!  Lena’s mother chose Korean food, as she had never eaten it before, so we were looking for somewhere easy to get to from Woodlands, and driving there around peak times.  I decided that it was easiest to get to East Coast Park at that time of day, even though the best Korean BBQ places were probably around Chinatown or Tanjong Pagar area.  I just thought it would be a nightmare to try to get there around 6:00-6:30pm.

We chose Ju Shin Jung, which has three branches in Singapore.  The original one on West Coast Highway, the second one here at East Coast Park and one at Joo Chiat.



Outside, there’s a bright sign, right in the same complex as Burger King and Long Beach Seafood.


You walk up a flight of stairs, and there’s the entrance.


The place inside is huge.  The ambiance and atmosphere is definitely not Korean at all.  More of a canteen or cafeteria.


The grill is ready to go!


First up, we have these little things.  What are they?  Add some water and see!


Wet tissue!


Hezekiah really enjoys it!


Menu is limited if you don’t eat beef, which I only really do, so we kept the beef off the order tonight.  My honest opinion, you can’t really enjoy Korean BBQ unless you eat beef.  It’s the best at Korean BBQ.

Anyway, we ordered and then in a huge rush, everything started arriving.  The side dishes first!


Quite a number of side dishes.  From the standard kimchi, to a nice salad, to lettuce in a spicy dressing, to mashed potato, to fried little fish, to tofu and also pink radish.  A nice selection of side dishes to choose from.  Then of course your dipping sauces of Spicy Red Bean Paste, Soya Sauce, Salted Sauce, etc.

I feel sorry for the dishwashers at Korean BBQs…



After that, the mains started to arrive.  We ordered Chicken and Pork Belly for our BBQ, along with Saba Fish, Seafood Pancake and Ginseng Chicken Soup.

Here’s the chicken, which was a nice marinated Chicken Thigh.


This is the normal Pork Belly.  They also have the Black Pig Pork Belly for 50% more in price. This is good enough for us.


Onto the grill we go!



Here is the Saba Fish.  Looks grilled nicely, but I was told that it tasted too fishy.


Ginseng Chicken Soup.  Very strong Ginseng flavor, broth was quite bland though.



Meat almost done!  Time to cut and cook some more!


The seafood pancake.  Outstanding.  Really a lovely texture and taste.  I remember the first time I had this, it was in New Haven, Connecticut, when my good buddy Jeff Casello and I were in town to broadcast RPI-Yale, and we found a Korean restaurant.


Overall, the food wasn’t that bad.  The sides were plenty.  Time to try more Korean BBQ!  I think that I would try other places before going back here though.

Before we left, free dessert, which was a chilled Cinnamon and Ginger Drink/Soup.  Very strong tasting!  But quite nice.


And Watermelon cut into hearts!


I like it because it’s easy to get to.  Would I try it again?  Not quite sure I would.  But I haven’t found a go-to place for Korean BBQ yet, mainly because we don’t eat a lot of Korean BBQ.

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