Chang Charcoal BBQ – Dempsey

Round Two of the Korean BBQs!  This time is was off to Dempsey to Chang Charcoal BBQ with my parents, for their first try at Korean BBQ.

This one comes highly recommended as well, mainly because of the meat and because they use charcoal, rather than electric or gas.

Located right next to Huber’s Butchery at the first turn into Dempsey, the parking is actually out back, though some park along the road in the front.

IMG_1150 IMG_1151 IMG_1152It wasn’t too busy at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, so getting a seat was easy.  Then it was time to look over the menu.

It’s quite extensive, lots of choices.  Luckily for us, there was a Lunch Set Menu Special.  It wasn’t bad at all, it included a Ginger Salad, Black Bean Porridge and an Assorted Seafood Platter.  Then it also came with Marinated Prime Beef Rib, and your choice of Soya Bean Seafood Stew w/rice or Cold Buckwheat Noodles with Beef.  This it was also came with Coffee or Tea.  The only downside is that you need to order a minimum of 2 sets in order to order it.  So we ordered 2 sets and added some Pork Collar for BBQ.


The grill is ready to go!  The charcoal looks nice and hot!



As usual the side dishes started to come.  Basket of lettuce and a few other sides.  There aren’t many, but it’s quite a number of them.


On the right here you see the Ginger Salad that I mentioned as part of the set lunch.  Also the top right is the black bean porridge.



Here is the Assorted Seafood that came as part of the set lunch.


The porridge as I mentioned before.  Not really a lot of black bean, but that’s what they told us.


Here is the cold buckwheat noodles with beef.


And here is the soya bean seafood stew.  Quite nice, very flavorful.  A little too spicy for mom and dad though.


Bring on the meats!  Here is the marinated prime rib, looks real good!


And here is the pork collar.  Nice looking too!


The beef grilling up!


  Almost ready!


Yeah! Fire!


The beef rib was nicely seasoned and tasted great with the charcoal.  Very, very good!

Here is the pork, this grilled up nicely too.  Definitely a good cut of meat as well.


All in all I have to say that the meat was real good.  If you have 2 people, the set lunch is also a pretty good deal.  The charcoal is definitely better than the gas type of bbq.

It’s time to try more Korean BBQ!

One thought on “Chang Charcoal BBQ – Dempsey

  1. The pictures look great and gives me an idea on the quality of the food and love put into the dish. Great post!


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