Thohirah – Curry Fish Head – Jalan Kayu

My agents and friends from India, Bist and Ravi, were in town for a sales meeting, so they stopped by and we decided to go have lunch at Thohirah at Jalan Kayu.

The reason we chose the place was because it has a mixture of Indian, Malay, Thai, Chinese and most importantly, Vegetarian.



There is an inside and an outside seating area, so aircon or no aircon.

Because there is a mixture of food, there are separate cooking areas.  Here is the prata/murtabak cooking area, with the guy making prata.


Then there is the Malay/Biryani section also.


I usually like Teh Halia with these meals, but today I decided that a Teh O Lime Ice was what I wanted.  Nice and cooling on a day like this.


There is a nice lunch special here, Curry Fish Head, Tandoori Chicken and 2 plates of rice for $29.00.  Not a bad deal really.  So with five of us, plus one vegetarian, we ordered two of these and then some naan with vegetarian curry.

The Curry Fish Head was nicely hot and bubbling when it came out.  The fish head had plenty of meat, as it was cut a bit back from the head joint, so there was tons of collar meat.

The taste of the curry was a little spicy, but oh, so good.



The Tandoori Chicken was also very flavorful.  The seasoning quite nice also and even the breast meat came out juicy, which is not always the case with Tandoori Chicken.


We ordered some Garlic Naan.  Looks very flavorful.


And then Butter Naan.  This was awesome.  Soft and flavorful.


A good meal, that’s for sure.  From the outside, you’re not sure if you should go in, but once inside, the food is awesome.  And they are open 24 hours.

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