Seoul Yummy – Bugis+

This chain of Korean food has popped up in Singapore.  They are in Novena and here in Bugis+.  Lena has gone before and she recommended it and we decided to give it a shot on a Saturday afternoon for lunch when we met Lena’s mother.

It sits in the middle of the floor in Bugis+, so it’s a real open atmosphere.  Service was quick and quite good and attentive.



They have a bunch of different combination meals, so we went with a combo meal that was for 2 persons, even though we had 3.  We weren’t sure how big it all was, so we just decided to go for the one combo meal.

The combo meal for under $50 was Side Dishes, On Appetizer, Two Meats, One Soup, Two Rice and a dessert.

The side dishes, small in number, but good in taste.  Top Row, left to right, is Tofu, Peanuts and Kimchi, the bottom row, left to right, is Tofu noodles, fried anchovies and potato salad.


We chose the Pork Belly with Kimchi for the appetizer.  Very flavorful and good.


The first main was Salmon with BBQ sauce.


The second meat was Spicy Octopus.


The soup we chose was Bean Paste Seafood Soup.


You get two multigrain rices, but you can upsize the rice to bibimbap if you want.  So we did.


The BBQ Chicken Bibimbap.  This was nicely done, hot and so flavorful.


And then dessert is frozen yogurt on ice with fruits.  Yum!


A good choice for chain Korean Food!

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