A Different Taste – Frankel Avenue

I really like the Peranakan style food here.  It’s fresh and it’s just done right.  So, we gathered for a lunch here once again.


There’s always veggie.  So Sambal Kang Kong it is.


Now the Curry Fish Head.  The Peranakan style is less greasy and oily than the Indian style.  The curry is more stew-like, and I find it a bit better.  And it’s a little sweeter, not too spicy.


Now this is not Peranakan, but it looked interesting.  Wasabi Prawns.


Prawn Paste Chicken Wings.  This one the Prawn Paste taste is very evident, it’s pretty strong on this order.


And then there is the Hainanese Pork Chop.  Every so slightly sweet and slight sour.  The taste here is just really good.


Dessert time!  Honeydew Sago.  Yum.




The meal here is always good and filling.  It’s standard fare, but real nice.


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