Muthu’s Curry – Dempsey

I have been trying out some lunch spots lately, so I decided to try Indian food.  I don’t eat it often here in Singapore because most everyone I know doesn’t like it so much, and Lena will not eat it unless it’s Prata.  So I went on my own for lunch here.  I wanted to stop by Dempsey and Huber’s the Butcher, so I went for Muthu’s Curry at Dempsey, a Singapore staple for Indian food.


Food is served to you here on a tray with a banana leaf, very simple and great.  Utensils are optional use here also.


I started off with a lime soda, so that it could cut the spices later on.


When you order here, you order rice as a side set.  Meaning your rice also comes with Papadum and Vegetables — all three being free flow.  You have your choice of white rice or biryani rice, $3 or $4.  I choose the biryani rice, because it’s a little different and the taste is nice.

The papadum is already served once you sit down. Nice and crisp, not too salty.


The biryani rice that comes is flavorful and smells great.


For the mains, I went with Chicken Tikka Masala, one of my favorites.  I love the curry on it, and it’s creamy, and then the smokiness from the tandoor on the chicken.


Along with that I went with Aloo Gobi, another one of my favorites.  There was a little too much potato in this one for me, not enough cauliflower.  And I also found not enough curry gravy with it.


Altogether on the plate!  The top left are the two vegetables they serve, eggplant (brinjal) and cabbage.  They come around with buckets and scoop them out for you onto the plate.  Yum!


And of course you have to have Naan!  This naan was a little to crispy for me, not soft enough.


My indian food fix is done!

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