Hot Star Large Fried Chicken – Ion

The famous stall that sells Fried Flattened Chicken has expanded to Singapore.  With an outlet at Nex, there is now one at Ion.  And when there is no queue, how can one resist?


It seems that they have added flavorings and fries to the menu at these franchises.  And there’s even a value set with chicken and fries and a drink.  But all I want is the chicken.  It’s a little more expensive in Singapore, $4.20 for an original one that can have chili powder or not.  The last time I ate it in Taipei, it was $50NTD at Shilin Night Market.

Here it is!  I love the way it’s fried, juicy, a little crunch.  It is without a doubt my favorite Taiwanese street snack.


I always opt for a little chili, which is actually a little cumin and chili powder.  People will criticize that they don’t cut the chicken for you so you can eat it in bite size pieces, but I like the big chunk, it adds to the charm and the mystique.  Be warned though, the rib bone is still there on this breast meat.  Oh, that’s right, it’s white meat, and very plump and juicy.


Have I said I loved this?  Man, do I love this…

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