Roxy Laksa – East Coast Lagoon

One of my favorite food centres is East Coast Lagoon.  I have always liked it since I came to Singapore, maybe it’s the atmosphere, maybe it’s the selection of things, I am not sure.  I haven’t had the Roxy Laksa in a long time, but I did like it the first time I tried it, perhaps five years ago.

Located at Stall 48, sort of set back, right in the same row as the Bak Kut Teh, Teddy Bear Satay, Wanton Mee, Stingray Forever, and next to the satay stalls, it usually is open from lunch onwards, and usually closed by 6-7pm.


The $4 portion is below, and I have to say, it’s pretty plain and basic.  Broth is ok, 4 halves of prawns, fishcake, noodles.  Not really much to it.  But it tastes good.


Give it a go if you’re there for lunch!


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