Porn’s Sexy Thai Food – Star Vista

I have heard about the restaurants that local Singapore celebrity Pornsak has opened in Singapore.  A Thai-Singaporean, he has opened this chain of restaurants that serve Thai food, called Porn’s.  Which means blessings or good wishes.  But I think the best part of this place is its logo.


This outlet is located at Star Vista, very basic, but still quite nice.  Complete with cutouts of Pornsak outside awaiting you!



Everything inside has the logo, from the plates to the napkins.  And the decoration inside is like Thai youngster graffiti.



But how about the food?  The reason I decided to go was because they offer a set meal lunch special, Green Curry Chicken and rice with drink for $10.  Now as everyone knows, Green Curry Chicken is one my most favorite foods on the face of the earth.

This one was nicely sweet, not too spicy.  Very creamy and just pretty good.  Could have done with a little less Thai Basil, but it’s ok.  Very good with the rice…


At the same time I decided to go for the mango salad, because I always like that too.  This one was not too spicy,  sweet also.  Very nicely done.


I will go back, the food isn’t bad at all and better to me than those like Thai Express or Lerk Thai.  Not quite up to Golden Mile, but still good enough.  They seem to go for local lovers of Thai food.


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