Bibigo Hot Stone – Raffles City

I quite like this little outlet in the basement of Raffles City.  There’s not a big portion, but it’s labeled as healthy Korean food, and you get your choices of rice, meats and sauce with the bibimbap, so it’s quite nice.  And there’s a nice selection.


Went with a Yuju-Ade for a drink.  Orange-ish flavor, but way too much ice…


My selection was the hot stone bibimbap.  I chose brown and white rice (your other choices are white, barley and white, or black rice).  My meat was the bulgogi beef, and then I went for the Kohot sauce, which the chili sauce.  The rice was nicely done, the stone pot made it nice and crispy, the sauce was not too hot.  Could have used some more meat though.  Actually, the portion was a little small for what it was.

The side dishes were garlic sprouts and the bean curd, along with kimchi and a bean sprout soup.


I like the place, just wish the portion were a little larger for the $16 they charge for the bibimbap.

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