Old Hong Kong Legend Dim Sum – Raffles City

A get together included one of Lena’s BFFs, Jean, her boyfriend Matt, and then her old Swarovski colleague Adrian and his wife Edith.  Since Adrian is moving back to Switzerland, it was a last opportunity to get together. It was decided for dim sum, and we decided to try Old Hong Kong Legend at Raffles City.


I thought the prices per dim sum was a decent price, $3-$5 each.  So here we go!

Some Century Egg and Lean Pork Congee.  Very smooth, very HK style.


Fried Salmon Skin!  I rarely see it on the menu around, so it was here, so it had to be ordered!


Carrot Cake with Pork Floss.  I didn’t try it, but heard it was good. The thing about Singapore is that carrot cake is served plain, no hoisin or sweet sauce, which it is served with in HK and NY.


Chee Chong Fun, a lot of different types.  Prawn, Char Siew and then another one which was real interesting to me.  Some crispy stuff inside.


Seafood Dumpling.  Interesting, and quite nice.


Xiao Long Bao.  Not enough soup inside.


Their version of a spring roll.  Thin, crispy, inside some meat.  Interesting, but not great.


Har Gow.  These were good.


Siew Mai.  Also good.


Chicken Feet!  Yes, these were ok.


Egg Tarts were good!


Then there are these.  Custard inside with salted egg.  Looks interesting.


Here is the inside.  Man, it was good!


Six adults and two children, the damage was $180 with tea.  Not bad at all on pricing.

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