Kko Kko Nara – Tanjong Pagar

There are a ton of Korean places down by Tanjong Pagar now, and the selection is so difficult to choose from.  I had heard about this place that served Korean Fried Chicken, so we decided to try it.  It was Kko Kko Nara on Tras Street, one street over from Tanjong Pagar.



The menu is pretty extensive, but it is different for lunch than for dinner.  You can’t get bibimbap at dinner, but you can at lunch.  So it’s slightly different for each serving.


We started with a side dish of pickled radish and then a Korean Fruit Punch.




This is cinnamon in taste, it’s quite good.  Very smooth going down.

Time for our order.  We had to try the KFC, the Korean Fried Chicken.  We ordered a small combo platter, where there was original, sweet and then garlic soy. The original was pretty good, the garlic soy a little too sweet, but the sweet was just nice.  The salad that came with it was unexpected and quite fresh and nice.


Then we ordered the Chicken and Potato Stew.  We weren’t sure if it was spicy or not, but it was. It was pretty good though, not too spicy, but just nice for me, too spicy for Lena.



The side dishes are just the normal small fish, kimchi and seaweed salad.  We also got one traditional Korean rice, which is just rice with a fried egg and a piece of sausage.  Not sure how traditional Korean that it, but it is what it is.


I would like to try more on their menu.  The place is pretty nice, the food pretty good and authentic.  I’ll be back.

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