Peach Garden – Thomson Plaza

I went to Thomson Plaza for a small dim sum lunch with a friend of mine.  I had never tried it here before, and you know me, I love dim sum and always am looking for something better and cheaper.


Some small dishes for us.  Spring Rolls.  Not bad, but I am not sure I like the ones which have some mush inside.  You should be able to taste all ingredients.


Siew Mai.  Nicely done, burst in your mouth.


Chicken Feet.  These were pretty spicy actually, but not bad.


Fried Prawn Dumplings.  Pretty nice inside.


Prawn Rice Rolls.  Very delicate and nice.


Xiao Long Bao.  A lot of soup inside, but the meat was very mushy.  So only ok in my book.


We never ordered Har Gow because they said it would be ready soon, but with no one coming into the restaurant, I don’t think they every made them.

This dim sum is okay, not my first choice, but serviceable.

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