Bagette – Vivo City

When I am in Vivo City and I want something quick, I always think about this place, the small Banh Mi shop.  Located near the Toys R Us side, it is next to the future home of Jamie Oliver’s first restaurant in Singapore.


It’s a pretty small outlet, a few seats, but it pumps out some decent stuff.


They have about five selections of Banh Mi, and about four-five noodle/rice dishes, so the menu is small.  They have a set meal kind of thing.  You choose your main of a Banh Mi or Noodle/Rice dish, then you can add on a side of either Summer Roll, Cake, Sushi Roll (yea, it’s strange) or something called Chicken or Pork in a cup.  Then you add on a drink, a regular tea (iced or hot) or soft drink is less than if you added on a Vietnam Coffee (hot or cold).

So I went with a set for lunch.  The Iced Viet Coffee was on my list.  Nice and sweet, cooling, I really do like Viet coffee, but it will put a charge in you.


I always have a summer roll.  I don’t even want to come near the sushi roll thing they have, and I don’t want cake.  But I did want to test out the Chicken in a Cup this time.  It was interesting for sure.  It basically is the filling for a Banh Mi without the bread.  There is a lot of meat in this little cup!  It’s usually $3.50 a la carte, so it’s quite a deal.


And then I went with the Pork Meatball Banh Mi.  There are only two meatballs on this thing, cut in half.  Not enough meat, so I added the chicken meat above to the Banh Mi and ate it.  Taste is good, just wish there was more meatball.


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